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I’m ready to take on any challenge that will help me grow and expand on my knowledge to help better the community.

Deerfield Bch, FL

Est. 2004


Life is beautiful and we get the opportunity each day to make the best of ourselves and create experiences thru our own living photography!

About Eden

Living in South Florida my whole life I have had the opportunity to be around beautiful landscapes with palm trees and oceans in my very own backyard. Photography allows me to explore everything around me. I love learning new ways to be creative with others.

Moments expressed thru photos

I enjoy capturing unique moments at different angles and creating a feeling thru imagery

Living Art

Eyeball image

Beauty is in the eye of the photographer

My Assistant

Mr. Pup is a Chihuahua. This dog has been a major part of my life since I was 3 yrs old. He helps me accomplish amazing photoshoots and has been my best companion thru everything.

"Eden helped me understand the artistic side of photography and taught me how to express myself thru pictures"

Kason Espinosa

"I was inexperienced about how to take pictures and struggled with producing a professional image until I met eden. She taught me all about the right angles and location and proper lighting all make the difference when taking photography

Angela Charlton

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